The Story

Once a brilliant scientist otherwise known as Dr. Stanley K. Foot, and offspring of the wealthy and influential Foot family, Stankfoot is responsible for the creation of the Zevo Compound as well as victim to its mutations. This scientist-turned-monster, paranoid by his own haunting history, now seeks revenge on those he blames for his twisted fate and loss of his birthright land, Footville. Most notably on his hit list is smooth-talking New Eden City mayor, Brett Ronson III, whom Stankfoot believes stole his family’s land and turned it into a neat, controlled, mutant-free environment called New Eden City. Stankfoot will stop at nothing until the city is his once again. With more than a fatal foot odor and wicked imagination, Stankfoot can mutate others simply by the touch of his ungloved hand -- creating horrific and destructive monsters. It’s up to Zevo-3 to stop Stankfoot from destroying their city, but it’s going to take everything they’ve got!